I Love My Commute

Got a cool new Contour helmet cam for my birthday! I’m looking forward to documenting and sharing the various bad behaviors and outrages visited upon me as a pedal my way around the city.

And here’s my maiden voyage. I still need to get something to help cut down on the wind noise, but it’s actually not too bad as-is. My favorite part? The mike picks up quite easily on everything I say – which most typically is “What’s this idiot doing?” or “Jesus, look at this jackass.” This particular ride was uneventful, so no narration. But I’m sure that’ll change!

3 thoughts on “I Love My Commute

  1. What city is that? It looks so urban. Kind of claustrophobic, maybe even dangerous. And where are all the people? Is it Sunday?
    I live in Jerusalem and read your posts about Israel. I’m gald you liked Tel Aviv. Did you get to visit Jerusalem? did you like it?

    1. It’s my home city of San Francisco, at about 7:45AM on my way into the office.

      I did visit Jerusalem (wish I’d had more time there!) – I’ll be posting photos and impressions, along with some more of my adventures in Tel Aviv in the next week or so.

  2. Looking forward to your new post. I guess this is down town San Francisco. It looks a bit like Manhattan not like the San Francisco tou usually see on films :).

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