Floating Markets Tour

On Sunday, I had signed up for the Offbeat Floating Market Tour with Bangkok Food Tours. They only do this tour on weekends and literally the only day I was available was this particular Sunday, so I was really happy that they had space for me.

Our guide, Olive, along with a driver and a van picked me up at 7AM. I joined what turned out to be a really fun group (always a bit of a crapshoot): an Australian lady, also traveling solo; a couple from Austria, though she was originally from Mexico; and a couple from L.A. complete with tatts, Docs, a beard as impressive as mine (on him) and bright purple hair (on her).

So, what can I say about the tour? I’ll simply go with “amazing.” Olive was great – personable, humorous, extremely knowledgeable and really enthusiastic about every place she took us. Each of the places we visited was fascinating in its own right and all rather different from one another.

As for the food? Delicious. All of it. And so much of it! I mean, granted it was over the course of a whole day, but by the time coconut ice cream rolled around, I was really pushing myself… Oh, who am I kidding? I scarfed down every bite of ice cream with nary a whimper.

I’ll go ahead and let the photos tell most of the story – though do keep in mind, I didn’t even capture our last meal together at a seafood restaurant at Amphawa Market – we had scallops with butter and garlic; crab fried rice; tom yum with squid (SO FREAKING GOOD); and a whole sea bass.

Oh, and the couple from L.A. had taken the nighttime tuk-tuk food tour with the same company and loved that one too… So, I might have to check that out once I get back to BKK next week. But certainly this tour was one of the best I’ve ever taken and certainly a high point of my visit to Thailand.

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