“He’s my friend!”

As my mom likes to say, “Laziness, will I ever offend thee?” Yes, I realize I’ve mostly been posting videos, the lazy blogger’s response to not having anything of interest to write about. But this clip from YouTube is pretty darn excellent…

and thanks, Emily!

“I swear, I’m never having catnip again…”

Someone had to sleep off his bender with his new toys this weekend… Not that I’m complaining! I’m glad he approved of my selections. The fluffy pink mouse and the catnip cigar were especially well-received.

Le Meilleur Chat

It’s been a dull week, what with having spent most of it in an iron lung – to little avail, sad to say. Both a friend and my sister suggested perhaps I need to spend some time at a sanatorium in the desert and I can’t say I disagree…

But I did get to spend some quality time with my cat. God, I love him. Look how beautiful he is! I never stop being delighted with this cat. And I don’t think he has stopped purring once in the 6+ years since I adopted him (well, except when I torture him by bringing him to the vet for a check-up).

And this is what I have to do pretty much every day when I arrive home. He runs around following me, meowing his little head off until I pick him up and carry him like a baby. Sigh. It’s pretty much impossible to be unhappy when one is holding a cat.

Well I feel like shit!

No posts recently – I’ve been sick since last week. Bleh. No fever (merci à dieu!) – but miserably achy and per usual neither aspirin nor Wal-profen are providing any relief. Wish I had some Percocet lying around… But enough about me!

Anyway, this did manage to elicit a wan smile from me – and I’m sure if I were my usual vibrantly healthy self, I’d’ve guffawed. Enjoy!

from The Hairpin

Yay! Everything Is Great!

Hooray! Obama and the Dems gave away the store and got nothing in return. I’m really looking forward to working until age 85 or death (whichever comes first)! But at least the Tea Party learned a valuable lesson – extortion works!

If you’re like me and your head has been constantly and repeatedly exploding, here’s some relief. It’s a chimp bottle-feeding a baby tiger! Just ignore the part where the chimp is chained to the floor and focus on the tiger-monkey wrestling at the end!

Of course, if you’d prefer to have your head continue exploding, here is Michelle Bachmann explaining why she continues to reap the financial benefits of government programs she excoriates.

from The Awl

Mantises 1; Marlins 0.

Logan Morrison of the Florida Marlins has an unsettling encounter in the dugout.  Also, so moded… and exactly how I would react in the same situation.

from The Hairpin


TOYGERS! Cats bred to resemble toy tigers! ROWR! Grrrrr… Though of course I’d never spend $800 for a kitten when there are plenty waiting for adoption in shelters. But still – that tiger cat sure is purrr-dy!

¡Ay Chihuahua!

A couple of guys robbed a smoke shop in So Cal – but didn’t get much money when the store owner’s Chihuahua took matters into his own paws.

At one point, one of the robbers even points his rifle at the diminutive but undaunted pooch, who chases the pair out of the store and down the street.

So moded…

from LATimes via The Awl

This little piggy went to market!

Awwww, so cute! Um, wait a minute… Oh, I see. Let’s try that again…

Mmmmmm, so delicious!

Flickr/ONNEB via Eater NY


This ad was served to me on Facebook – I have no idea why. But whoever wrote these “tales” is a shonda to her people – and to mountain lions…

And yes, the cougar is “wearing” a Star of David necklace. And no, “aka a Jewish Sex and the City” is not sealing the deal.

I love them.

That is all.

Well, except maybe she should have gone with a leopard rather than a lion. Then she’d have a leopard leotard…

from Poorly Dressed

Baby Penguin Being Tickled


Seriously, could this be cuter? His name is Cookie! Plus, he has “bumblefoot” – is that the most adorable ailment ever? I’m dying…

Two Dogs Rescued in Japan

I always feel a certain reluctance to share videos like this. I worry it seems as though I’m overlooking or discounting the vast human suffering currently going on in Japan.

But when I examine my own feelings about what’s going on here, I think what evokes the pathos is not simply the “awww” factor of one animal looking out for another. Our relationship with companion animals is simple and uncomplicated – and because of this, it can evoke the best part of our own humanity. I think it can also give us something to aspire to – remaining loyal to others even in the face of great hardship. I’m sure there are countless people in Japan who have done and continue to do exactly that.

From what I’ve read, both dogs were rescued subsequent to this video being taken and are in shelters.

And please donate what you can to Doctors Without Borders. They’re at work in Japan and throughout the world, providing urgently needed care and supplies to victims of natural disasters and wars.

He is adorable, yes…

But, honestly, the histrionics can be trying – particularly given the fact that he’s barely digested his earlier meal. But, yeah, I love him anyhow – how could you not? Just look at that face! Plus he likes me to carry him around like a baby – and I do!