Takin’ Care of Business

J’aime bien les bicyclettes et les Quebecois. Though I could’ve done without the pixelation…


THE MAN WHO LIVED ON HIS BIKE from Guillaume Blanchet on Vimeo.

Boom, boom, boom…

I know I’ve already posted this repeatedly on the Facebook. But I just remain so impressed. Not only at how cleverly DJ Earworm has mashed up both the songs and the videos, but I get a rather droll subtext on the tropes that seem to show up in just about every popular song in a given period of time.

Granted, I still think I prefer last year’s version.

And how can anyone not kinda love Katy Perry?


National Geographic announced the winners of its photo contest for 2011 – and they are pretty incredible. This one in particular (a mere honorable mention!) of a downpour in Bhaktapur, Nepal during monsoon season is magnificent. Be sure to check out the other winners. Inspiring stuff. I really ought to practice with my own camera more… Sigh.

National Geographic via The Hairpin

Zombie Boy

I’ve been fascinated by “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest ever since I first saw a photograph of him. I think his tattoos are quite amazing and find the way he looks to be striking and beautiful.

Of course, as I’m sure many people do when they see him, I’ve always wondered what he looked like before he transformed his body into his canvas. And here is a video that shows exactly that, thanks to the wonders of DermaBlend. Really fascinating…

This is excellent news!

The Arrested Developmentis movie is very likely happening – and it’s coming back to the TV too, for a 9- or 10-episode stint! And read some other cool stuff at The New Yorker: “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About “Arrested Development”

This is also the perfect moment to share some  amazing gifs of Lucille Bluth…

La Guerre des Étoiles

Apparently, George Lucas directed this short interpretive dance piece for French TV. It was later expanded and turned into the original Star Wars movie. I guess this was some of the earliest work of Industrial Light and Magic – it’s really amazing how well the special effects have withstood the test of time…

And, to paraphrase Charles de Gaulle, “How can you choreograph a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?”

from The Awl

Waste Not, Want Not

It’s hard to imagine us Americans – fat, lazy, energy-hogging, wasteful Americans – responding in the same way as the Japanese have to a significant reduction in their capacity to generate electricity.

And the Japanese are clearly adept at making the obvious and correct decisions as to what they can do without – and what they can’t.

Sakuko Saeki, 75, said she had not only switched off but also unplugged her household appliances. She barely turned on the air-conditioning, instead using a fan in her living room. But there was one appliance she could not give up after all: an automatic toilet, called a washlet, the kind that flushes by itself, raises and lowers the lid on its own, and never ceases to amaze foreigners visiting Japan for the first time.

“I’d turned off my washlet,” Ms. Saeki said, “but I stopped doing that.”

You can take my Washlet when you pry it from my cold dead cheeks!

And what’s with the NYT not even mentioning the primary and most delightful function of the Washlet? It washes your ass (and your hoo-haw, if you’ve got one  of those) with a refreshing and invigorating stream of warm water – and it is the crowning achievement of civilization. Talk about burying the lede…

from NY Times

Quote of the Day

Awwww! So cute...

The Hairpin had a very servicey post today on spiking one’s iced coffee with booze – along with a highly accurate chart on frequency of liquor store visits correlated to size and quantity of bottles purchased.

But one commenter wondered about the appropriate time to drink liquor-enhanced coffee – in the morning isn’t really appropriate for most who work for a living and after work means the caffeine will keep you up all night. Punkahontas had this trenchant observation:

Maybe for brunch? Daytime drinking is like being on vacation! From your life!

Were truer words ever spoken? I think not. And now, I’m going “on vacation”…

from The Hairpin

NYC’s Complete Streets

This video is just great.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

SF is slowly but surely improving things for cyclists – and it’s actually a very bike friendly city already! But NYC’s “complete streets” approach is quite amazing. I look forward to SF having things like bike lanes physically separated from automobile traffic; more (and better enforced) dedicated transit lanes; and traffic calming features.

Of course, I’m also very jealous that NYC’s terrain is so flat. No need for The Wiggle!

A Knitted Skeleton


I’m tempted to just end the post there, because really how can you top a fucking knitted skeleton? Really you can’t. But I’m happy to report that knitting/performance artist Ben Cuevas is actually rather sexy – and one of his other projects is called Jock Strap and consists of him sitting nude in a locker room while knitting a jock strap for himself. He is “commenting on the notion of woman’s work vs man’s work and appropriate activities within gender bondaries” – which is indeed a compelling and fascinating subject. But he is also naked!

Ben Cuevas via The Hairpin

La fontaine d’élégance!

I think I remember seeing this in the gardens at Versailles. Or maybe it’s where Krystal and Alexis had that big fistfight..?

from The Hairpin

Bienvenue au Paradis

I don’t believe in heaven (hell is another matter entirely though, and can be found many places right here on earth – typically those involving some type of conveyance that is open to members of the public). But if I did believe in heaven, I suspect it would look exactly like this, the interior of Theurel & Thomas Maison du Macaron in San Pedro, Mexico.

from Vlamboyant

The Postmodern Autobiography

Eliot Weinberger

An absolutely fascinating take on GWB’s Decision Points.

“‘Damn right,’ I said” by Eliot Weinberger

There’s also a brief interview with Mr. Weinberger on Wonkette. I thought his observation that the United States “doesn’t take nationalistic pride in its cultural producers” was sadly true and trenchant.

Dry Spell

So, yes, I haven’t been up to much lately, hence the dearth of anything other than re-posted videos. But this one is a quite excellent 17 seconds. Enjoy!