“The likeness is… um… startling? Yes, startling – that’s it…”

Ordinarily I’d run out and buy these magnificent dolls, because really who doesn’t love some Kate and Wils dolls – or any kind of dolls, for that matter? They are not weird or creepy at all!

But on closer inspection, I’m pretty sure that these two come to life while you’re sleeping and eat your face off, so I guess I’ll pass. Oh well!

from Dlisted

Mantises 1; Marlins 0.

Logan Morrison of the Florida Marlins has an unsettling encounter in the dugout.  Also, so moded… and exactly how I would react in the same situation.

from The Hairpin

C’mon Along!

If there is one second in this performance that is not sublime, I have yet to see  it. I mean, really – Ethel Merman! Donald O’Connor! Dan Dailey! Johnnie Ray! MITZI GAYNOR! Obviously as a francophile, I have a bit of weakness for Miss Gaynor’s performance – and the high-kicking in heels just amazes me. Every time I watch this, I can’t believe it actually exists because it is perfect. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that this quintessentially American song was composed by Irving Berlin, a Russian Jewish immigrant. USA! USA!