Headline of the Day

OK – I actually hesitated before posting this, simply because it is making a mockery of someone’s death. But then I remembered that: a) I don’t believe in heaven or hell; and b) I am a horrible person.

So, here’s this from Gizmodo:

Only Woman to Ever Use a Neck Massager on a Neck Dies

Paramedics found the neck massager on the floor next to the woman. Investigators believe the massager got tangled on her necklace and tightened it around her neck, causing her to lose consciousness and stop breathing.

And of course it gets worse (by which I mean better) in the Comments section…

from bluebottle:

“We’re deeply saddened for this horrible tragedy that our device has caused. But come on… Really? She used it on her neck?”
– Neck Vibrator Manufacturers Public Apology.

from Crackgarden:

What in the world was her necklace made out of, adamantium?

Oh, and this happened in Florida. No comment.

from MSNBC via Gizmodo