Oh, that feels good…

Yes, once again I’ve gotten too lazy/uninspired to actually write anything – thank Zeus for online videos! Though I do try to keep it somewhat topical – I leave for Maui in a week, so here’s a short clip of me floating in the delightfully warm tropical Pacific the last time I was in paradise…

Is there anything cuter than a dachshund puppy?

Yes, there is – a dachshund puppy –  in the snow – in slow motion! You’re welcome.

ASL = American Sexy Language

Despite my gruff and embittered exterior, I am ultimately just a big sap. So I was unable to resist sharing this video of a guy sending a love letter via YouTube to his deaf boyfriend. Of course, the fact that he delivers the message while shirtless and is a hot piece by any objective standard doesn’t hurt either.

from Towleroad