Give It All You Got

There is so much to love here: eye makeup; top hat; hot bald dudes; decolletage; bare nipples; posing; fire breathing; outer space; fierceness.

But of course the absolute best thing of all? Ultra Nat√© is her given name. It’s just impossibly fabulous.

How to Dance at the Club

The only thing he gets wrong? “The Towel” is actually called “Two Invisible Dicks.” Personally, I specialize in “The Kadiri.”

And can we get an extra-special bonus shout-out to that Louis Vuitton bag? It’s perfection. And 100%:


Tigger Please!

Proving once again that it really is the happiest place on earth… For realz, though – this is just delightful. Tigger totally pwns that dude. And who knew Eeyore could shuffle?

Last time I was at Disneyland (the original one – God, it’s been years… maybe even a decade?), a cast member came up and asked me if I’d like to be one of the special guests in the parade. Would I, would I? Yes, of course! The fact that I was wearing sorcerer’s apprentice mouse ears was probably a clue that I’d be interested… At any rate, I got paired up to dance with Tigger – TIGGER! Who doesn’t love Tigger? NOBODY! Oh, and it was such great fun. They taught us a simple little dance which we did together all the way down Main St., stopping occasionally to shake hands, give hugs, etc. Seriously, it was my best brush with fame ever, since Tigger’s lovableness rubbed off on me for those few wonderful minutes…

And let me just add – the men and women who perform as characters at Disney parks are really amazing. It’s a difficult job that they make look easy – and, corny¬† as it sounds, they really do bring smiles and happiness to one and all. God, I need to get down to Anaheim stat…

Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley!

This is the new “How to Ride a Cable Car” sign here in SF. Though to my eye it looks more like the storyboard for a choreographed musical number taking place on the streets of the City. And frankly, judging from the highly theatrical moves of that red stick-figure, I think this whole routine was modeled on one of my elaborate and flamboyant journeys on the California Street cable car…

It reminds me of this glorious and vaguely racist old chestnut: