J’aime Jean Paul Gaultier

J’ai besoin des botteilles… Ces sont fantastiques. Mais je deteste le Diet Coke – je bois le Coke normale seul. N’importe. Je les veux… Regardez les autres photos ici.

from Selectism

Introducing Diet Coke!

Carol Channing! Ben Vereen! Sally Kellerman! Telly Savalas! The Rockettes! Susan Fucking Anton, for chrissake! Fizzy brown water sweetened with a mysterious and probably carcinogenic chemical! You’re gonna drink it just for the taste of it!

BTW, whatever happened to jingles? All the commercials these days use pop music… I miss a good jingle – and this Diet Coke one is certainly excellent. I can’t stand diet soda, but I want to run right out and buy one after listening to this!

from The Frisky via The Awl