Happy Pride!

Let’s not forget the debt we owe to the fags, dykes and trannies who fought at Stonewall almost exactly 42 years ago.

And this is an amazing photo, and captures just a bit of what I’m feeling tonight.

A look at changing opinions about same-sex marriage

Nate Silver over at FiveThirtyEight does some quite interesting analysis of polling data – often times reaching conclusions that prove much more accurate than some of the more mainstream data on electoral politics.

Here’s his overview on public opinion polls regarding same-sex marriage over the years.

I found this chart to offer a really penetrating insight to the changing views on gay marriage in this country – though I might’ve liked to see the results go a little deeper. The pole poll numbers show a swelling in the number of Americans who favor same-sex marriage – while opposition continues to soften. It’s also interesting to note the temporary bulge in the numbers in 2004, when SF Mayor Gavin Newsom first started issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. The mayor’s decision likely erected some temporary barriers to same-sex marriage, as people felt he was trying to ram the issue through.

I just hope that the numbers continue to head in this direction, with opposition becoming more flaccid.  I’m sure we’re all looking forward to the ultimate climax, when the right to marry is granted to  gays and lesbians in all fifty states.

Hooray for gays!

Prop 8 ruled unconstitutional on both Equal Protection and Due Process grounds. Also on grounds of being insufficiently fabulous…

And this is how I feel today:

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