Sure, the Giants played an amazing 4 (ha! 4!) games to win the World Series – but credit where credit is due. Without my rally cap, rally shirt, rally underpants and rally cat with rally cape, there’s no¬† way we could’ve won!

Also, Bye Bye Baby! And hello second championship in three years!

Your World Champion Giants!

Could this little fan be any cuter?

Attended the big victory parade on Wednesday – and it was complete pandemonium. Sadly, I didn’t see much of anything, though it was kinda fun to be out with all the other fans. I actually got a couple of shots of players by holding my camera over my head – but never laid eyes on them myself. I must say, though, that the usual Giants’ fan mantra of “There’s always next year” only applies to making a better plan to view the parade – and that’s fantastic.

Quotes of the Day – Giants Edition

J.T. Snow

Former Giants player Will Clark:

Oh, by the way, all the pundits that talked about Mr. (Cliff) Lee … he got his butt out-pitched by Mr. (Tim) Lincecum.

And one of my favorite former players, six-time Gold Glove winner J.T. Snow, reflecting on the blown World Series against the Angels in 2002, said this:

With all due respect to the guys in ’02, (Jason) Schmidt and (Kirk) Rueter and them, if we had this fucking staff, we’d have beaten the Angels four straight.

from SFGate

Quotes of the Day

From the NYTimes article re. last night’s Game 4 victory for the Giants:

One victory stands between the Giants and immortality, and a championship parade in San Francisco that would rival Mardi Gras.

Now, it might’ve been more contextually accurate to say it would rival the Gay Pride Parade, but I’m not one to quibble… And no, I’m not getting cocky. Just liked the quote from the article.

And then there was this from McCovey Chronicles regarding Madison Bumgarner’s stellar 8-inning shut-out:

That was a 21-year-old rookie made of one part grizzled veteran, one part emotionless sociopath, and five parts amazing. Completely unflappable and completely in control.

San Francisco Giants’ Madison Bumgarner pitches to the Texas Rangers during the first inning of Game 4 of baseball’s World Series Sunday, Oct. 31, 2010, in Arlington, Texas. (AP Photo/David J. Phillip)