Thanks for the reminder!

Just received a copy of my “Valuable Personal Property” floater for my renter’s insurance. Included with it was this:


As for question C? Well, obviously “YES!” to all – who hasn’t? Though I mostly acquired furs and guns. Just lots and lots of furs and guns. So many furs and guns… FURS AND GUNS!

It’s the Most Gun-derful Time of the Year!

As with everyone, my email box has been filling up with sales, discounts, free shipping and various other come-ons to induce to buy things online during this, the greediest of seasons. But for some reason this subject line really stood out:

Take 8% on Select Rifle Scopes During Our 12 Days of Christmas Celebration!

Because really, what better way to celebrate the birth of Our Lord than with accessories for high-powered firearms? Though I have to confess, my first response had nothing to do with whether or not rifle scopes are an ideal Christmas gift (à chacun son goût, as I like to say). My immediate reaction was “8%? That’s it? You think 8% is enough of a discount to get me to buy whatever it is you’re selling? Unless it’s an additional 8% off of a deep markdown, no – just no. Absolutely not.”

8%. For shame.