Signs of the Times

It’s quite amazing to me how stark the difference is between protesters from the left and right – at least when it comes to signs. The lefties and progressives consistently come up with slogans that are both trenchant and hilarious (as opposed to misspelled). Who says you can’t love liberty AND have a sense of humor?

To wit, three of my favorites from a Restore the Fourth rally in NYC on July 4.



weird shit

All photos above by Jim Kiernan

And, just to prove my point, here is the best sign of all from outside the Supreme Court on the day DOMA was overturned.


And the winner is…

Gawker presented the best of their reader-submitted Halloween costume contest. The winner and runners-up can all be found here. But I had to share this one guy, who won in the category of “Grossest” for his costume, “Jaime Lee Curtis for Activia.” Behold a true genius…

from Gawker

“KFC” doesn’t always stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken…

I know these are ancient in terms of gaffes posted to the internets for the amusement of all, but I never, ever get tired of either of them…  Like all good jokes, they simply get better with repetition.  And as much as I enjoy and respect Ernie Anastos’ creativity, I think Sue Simmons wins based solely on the forcefulness of her delivery…  But I guess it’s like with children – I don’t love one more than the other – they’re just different.

Oh, and be sure to watch for the reaction of Ernie’s co-anchor…