I’m Back! And Not Any Better Than Ever…

Well, it’s not like I actually make resolutions to start the year – but I am going to try posting on a more regular basis after the holiday doldrums. But really, what could I have posted between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day? “Drank heavily last night, ate breakfast at Chow, spent afternoon on sofa watching a Law & Order marathon, got take-out for dinner.”

But I am trying to get back into fighting form. Limited myself to two glasses of cava tonight – due largely to that’s all I had in my apartment, but still… In my defense, though, I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and did not purchase any wine. A first!

Also went to the Y tonight for the first time since November. I was happy to discover it was not mobbed with new members attempting to fulfill their preposterous resolutions to get in shape. I had mixed feelings, however, about the fact that the place is still filled with the same assortment of freaks and weirdos. To wit:

  •  Creepy McCreeperson continued his campaign of repeatedly and unabashedly undressing me with his eyes.
  •  Standing-Too-Close Lady was in the weightlifting area, invading my personal bubble while doing her weird and far too vigorous stretching exercises.
  •  Kinda-Cute-Possibly-Gay Dude put two 5-lb weights on the bench press and then proceeded to sit on the bench reading a magazine for 15 minutes. I never saw him lift. Not cute.
  •  Aspiring-Muscle-Head eschewed clipping the weights onto the bar while bench pressing – and immediately sent two 75-lb weights crashing to the floor when he lost control of the bar.
  • Old-Guy-With-Really-Horrible-Toenail-Fungus spent 10 minutes using the hand dryer to dry his feet and sandals. While nude, of course.

Eh, all par for the course I suppose. I guess I’ll get used to it again (yeah, right). Happy New Year!