“The likeness is… um… startling? Yes, startling – that’s it…”

Ordinarily I’d run out and buy these magnificent dolls, because really who doesn’t love some Kate and Wils dolls – or any kind of dolls, for that matter? They are not weird or creepy at all!

But on closer inspection, I’m pretty sure that these two come to life while you’re sleeping and eat your face off, so I guess I’ll pass. Oh well!

from Dlisted

Kate Brings It

Not only is this hat fabulous, her phone reception is superb.

And I think she’s stage-whispering, “Hands off my boob, Wills – we’re in public.”

from Dlisted

Kate Wins

Kate Middleton For The Win is pretty hilarious. And I’m not sure why – but any punchline involving “rubbish” always elicits a guffaw. I suppose it’s the Anglophile in me…