Practicality > Sex Appeal

I got a beam rack for my bike, along with a pack designed to work with it. I’m the first to admit, a bike trunk is going to seriously impinge on my bike’s faux-hipster cred – but on the other hand it seems to be perfect. I can fit in my gym gear, my locks and one bottle of wine. Or no gym gear, three bottles of wine and a pint of ice cream. And I could probably fit in a small box of Kleenex, since I’m usually crying when I eat the ice cream…

Happily, though, the rack has a quick release lever – so I can remove it for weekend rides and thus continue to elicit “What is that wrinkly old guy doing riding such a cool bike?” stares from all and sundry.

Say “Bonjour!” to La Nuit Verte

Here he is! My new baby, La Nuit Verte a.k.a. Fran├žois Stein a.k.a. Frankie. I could not be more delighted – and he is even more awesome than I imagined.

My new bike is a way better mid-life-crisis-mobile than a red Porsche convertible – and in this town, probably more likely to get me laid.

Thanks to one-and-all at Mission Bicycle Company for setting me up with such a sweet ride.