Seriously, When Do We Start with the Pitchforks and Torches?

Christ, what an asshole

Heard this morning on CBS: Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs (you remember them? We taxpayers bailed them out to the tune of $10 billion…) demonstrating a breathtaking level of arrogance and willful stupidity.

Social Security wasn’t devised to be a system that supported you for a 30-year retirement after a 25-year career.

What? The? Fuck? If a working career lasts 25 years, then I should have retired several years ago. And let’s not forget that full SS benefits don’t kick in until one is 67 – or that the average recipient of benefits collects for just over 16 years.

It’s really disgusting, these out-of-touch, multi-millionaire CEOs blaming the nation’s economic woes on retirees – most of whom worked for 45 years or longer. Never any mention of the home mortgage scam orchestrated by the big banks or the fact that the whole notion of “too big to fail” essentially guarantees that the insane financial risks these institutions take don’t actually expose them to any risk at all. If the investment doesn’t pay off and affects their bottom line sufficiently to endanger their existence – well, then, the government will step in to bail them out to ensure markets remain stable. In other words, the element of risk is no longer there – thus removing any incentive for these financial institutions to act with caution or even intelligence. They can’t lose.

Oh, also, Social Security is already well-funded and solvent for the next 20 years, so it’s not exactly crying to be “fixed.” Though if Mr. Blankfein is really concerned about its solvency, how about advocating for removal of the limit on income that is taxed for SS? Today, any income in excess of $110,000 is not assessed any SS taxes. Mr. Blankfein’s salary last year was $2 million (plus $3 million in bonus and $10 million in stock) – so only 5% of his salary was subject to SS taxes. And only 0.6% of his entire compensation. What a shocking coincidence…

And while I’m sure your blood is already boiling, just a final thought: Blankfein  bought his apartment on Central Park West for $26 million. He paid cash. I’m knitting his name into my sweater right now…


Christ, what an asshole (also, a liar)

I haven’t watched any of the Republican convention thus far – and I suspect this won’t change. It’s more than just the fact that I disagree with virtually every position staked out by this radical and intolerant party – it’s the gall, as they boldly stand before us spouting hatred and lies. LIES. Not the self-serving stretching of the truth or deliberate shading of facts to portray themselves in a flattering light (which, sadly, is part and parcel of what we expect of our political leaders regardless of party) but flat-out lies.

This piece by Charles P. Pierce over at Esquire is pretty goddamned amazing as far as calling out these lies and the craven, lying liar-heads who spew them.

It was an entire evening based on a demonstrable lie. It was an entire evening based on demonstrable lies told in service to the overriding demonstrable lie. And there was only one real story for actual journalists to tell at the end of it.

The Republicans simply don’t care.

They don’t care that they lie. They don’t care that their lies are obvious. They don’t care that their lies wouldn’t fool an underpaid substitute Social Studies teacher in a public middle school, who would then probably go out one night and get yelled at by Chris Christie. (“They believe in teacher’s unions. We believe in teachers,” he said in his speech. Yeah, you just don’t believe in paying them.) They don’t care that their history is a lie and that, by spreading it, they devalue the actual history of the country, which is something that belongs to us.

If only the “mainstream” “liberal” media were as forceful in calling out these lies – though I suppose to some extent it doesn’t matter, since the idiots who vote Republican get their “news” from Fox, which is simply the PR division for the Republican party. Nevertheless, why can’t people other than Mr. Pierce and Rachel Maddow call this shit out? Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams and Scott Pelley should all be leading each night with “Republican Convention Speeches Comprised Entirely of Lies.” I can dream, can’t I..?

On RNC Opening Night, Republicans Dare to Build a Lie