Maui Wowie

Well, just a few last photos to share. Hoping to make a visit to Maui an annual event – I just love it there so much.

For a perfect day there, do what I do: wake up early, have some breakfast, pack a cooler with some lunch and plenty of water (and, if you are feeling extra elegant and classy like me, an empty water bottle refilled with wine…), head to Little Beach with a chair and an umbrella, sit, swim, eat, read, head home, shower, go to dinner at Monkeypod Kitchen, head back home, have some wine, watch some Netflix or a Law & Order marathon, sleep. Repeat as necessary.

Maui No Ka ‘Oi

Up at around 6:30 on Friday moring – which is fine by me. Made my usual vacation breakfast of ham, eggs and carbs – though I added some fresh pineapple, what with this being Hawaii and all. Ate on the lanai – obv.

On the road by 9:30 and had set up Camp Ricky (chair, umbrella, cooler, Kindle, crossword puzzles) at Little Beach and at 10:00 I was in the glorious Pacific Ocean. God, do I love being in the water here.

My “low-profile” ear gauges were washed out of my ear holes pretty much instantly – luckily, I’d also broght some double-flares which can stand up to the rigors of the surf. And, rather amazingly, I actually found one of the original ones that vanished – it washed up on the beach, not 20 feet from chair. I think I may need to keep that one as my good luck charm…

There was a bit of excitement (not really the good kind) around lunch time, when a swimmer far off shore signaled he was in distress, caught in the riptide. Kudos to all the locals and experienced swimmers (including the dreadlocked naked stoner/surfer/hippie dude who put down the ganja and was in the water with his boogie board in the blink of an eye) who got to him right quick and got him back to shore, none the worse for wear.

The waves were pretty great – though I used my best judgement and didn’t venture out when they got pretty big.

At some point, I was sitting staring off into the water and some local dude, there with his lady and their little baby, got out his ukulele and played and sang. Seriously. I’m sitting on the beach in Maui, listening to the waves crash and ukulele music. Perfection.

Wound up the day perhaps a bit earlier than I’d hoped when the clouds started rolling in and there was a bit of rain. But I’m looking forward to spending the next six days in exactly the same manner…