Happy New Year!

So long 2010! It’s been a year filled with happiness, grand adventures, the love of my amazing family and friends (new and old) and super-cute shoes. And the Giants won the World Series. Can’t ask for more than that, really…


Yes, I’m still a crabby old craberella crabby crab-erson. But I honestly do give thanks every year on this day. The last year started off rather difficultly…  Yet here I am. And I am so lucky and grateful to remain surrounded by my loving and stalwart family; to come home every night to a joyful ball of fur who wants only to jump into my arms for nothing more than a scratch on the head and a bowlful of kibble; to keep on traveling far and wide; and, probably to my biggest amazement, to have a galaxy of friends, both near and far, who have touched me every day with their caring, their humor, their kindness, their joy and their beauty (and yes, I even mean the cranky old bitter ones like me).

I love this holiday – if only for reminding me how much I really do have to give thanks for… Happy Thanksgiving to one and all.

South Pacific

I honestly can’t believe I saw “South Pacific” performed live at the Vivian Beaumont Theater last summer. I said at the time it was the most perfect night of theater I’d ever seen – and seeing it on Live from Lincoln Center on PBS just confirmed that view all over again. Life isn’t always easy, but this is something I’ll always have tucked away, reminding me that I’m gosh-darned lucky… Now, if only Paulo Szot would just call and ask me out…