Granted, I’m still eagerly awaiting DJ Earworm’s 2012 mash-up – but this one by Robin Skouteris is pretty darn great. Of course, the fact that it relies quite heavily on “Die Young” by Ke$ha is a boon – it’s super-catchy. I think Miss $ha actually gets short shrift ($hort $hrift?)- she produces some of the hookiest (and hookeriest) pop tunes around these days. Anyway, enjoy PopLove 2012.

Boom, boom, boom…

I know I’ve already posted this repeatedly on the Facebook. But I just remain so impressed. Not only at how cleverly DJ Earworm has mashed up both the songs and the videos, but I get a rather droll subtext on the tropes that seem to show up in just about every popular song in a given period of time.

Granted, I still think I prefer last year’s version.

And how can anyone not kinda love Katy Perry?