Quote of the Day

As always, I remain in awe of Michael K. at Dlisted. Today, he posted something about the extremely-easy-on-the-eyes actor Michael Fassbender with this stunning lede:

Michael Fassbender (the “F” is silent)

You, sir, are a genius. And just to round out this post, here is a delightful photograph of Mr. (F)Assbender.

from Dlisted

Quotes of the Day

From Michael K at Dlisted, re. Sarah Jessica Parkers new ‘do:

Normally, I’m into hair that makes a ho look like she’s trying to steal Falcon Crest from Jane Wyman, but SJP is not doing it.

Then there was this apparently-serious opinion piece in WaPo, in which the writer was shocked – SHOCKED! – to discover her completely-unique-one-of-a-kind-never-before-seen wedding dress from 1991 had been literally and exactly copied by Kate Middleton.

Over at The Hairpin, commenter cherrispryte made this trenchant observation:

As soon as this woman described herself as a “Washington fashionista”, we all could have dismissed her as bananas without needing to read any further.

And I certainly wasn’t the only one who noted that Kate had apparently neglected to steal the highly-flattering drop-waist styling of the “original” dress. Also, paging Grace Kelly!

Quote of the Day

In an apparent effort to take his career in a new direction, Enrique Iglesias’ latest single is titled “Tonight (I’m Fuckin’ You).” And who says romance is dead?

Per usual, Michael K. over at Dlisted had the most trenchant observation about this new recording:

It practically comes with a travel-sized bottle of lube, a morning after pill and an envelope with his STD results in them.

Though he goes on to add that it will totally be his future wedding song…

And let me just say this: should Mr. Iglesias choose to direct said lyrics toward me, I will do my best to comply.

from Dlisted

“Stop callin’, stop callin’…”

I realize this is already all over the intertubes, but it’s my duty as a homo to post the epic (i.e. nearly 10 minute long) video for “Telephone” by Lady Gaga featuring Beyoncé…  And, yes, I like it – really what’s not to like?  Also, depending on your place of employ, could be deemed NSFW-ish…  Enjoy – if you haven’t already!  Oh, and as Michael K. said on Dlisted, “Beyoncé’s acting will melt the glue in your weave.”