Cuz I’m a Cutie, Cutie-Patootie…

So “Little Eden” appeared on Not The View the other morning and performed her adorable little rap act. As horrid and upsetting as the original is, here it is slowed down – and it is both the best and worst thing I’ve seen on the internets in ages. I guess the reason I like it so much is because she sounds exactly like I do when I sing karaoke after a few drinks (which I suppose is redundant – who sings karaoke sober?). Anyhow, enjoy Little Edie Eden!

Oh, and the reactions of the show’s host-ladies are priceless. I think Julie Chen’s is the best. Seriously, if you look up “WTF?” in the dictionary, this picture is next to it…

Why I Love Cher: Reason #804

Cher’s latest (and aptly-named) single “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”, from the critically-acclaimed box-office smash Burlesque (eh, you can’t win ’em all – not even Cher), captures the No. 1 spot in the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart. She becomes the first artist with a No. 1 single in each¬† of the last six decades.

In fitting Cher style, she tells Billboard, “How can it be six decades when I’m only four decades?”

This is some straight-up fierceness. And the song is pretty good too.

from Billboard

AutoCorrect or SkyNet?

So, yeah – I’m texting my friend Marco, just the usual back and forth. And I recently started using SwiftKey on my phone – I’d heard it had really excellent predictive typing, much better than the stock Android keyboard

But this is not predictive typing – this is freak-me-out-Jesus-Christ-it’s-reading-my-mind. I shit you not – as soon as I typed the comma in the message below, SwiftKey completely 100% accurately supplied the next word in my response.

Do NOT Piss Off Tim Gunn

Kindly fashion mentor, deservedly-respectable old queen and Tide spokesman Tim Gunn lost his shit last night – and not without reason. Instead of his usual “Make it work” and “I’m worried about this neckline,” he brought the hammer down hard on last night’s losing team – especially on the putative and horrible (and obv self-annointed) leader of said team.

When I saw the Project Runway recap on Gawker, my favorite comment was this:

(The) collection made me think of Sears trying to do “luxury” clothing.

Best. Scare-quotes. Ever.

Oh, and fair warning: if you haven’t watched this week’s episode, this clip is a total spoiler…