Quote of the Day

Diana Vilibert over at The Hairpin posted a recipe for a Chocolate Bramble – apparently a good way to use up leftover gin (do people really have leftover booze? Not a big problem in my place…) that you don’t want to pack when you’re moving. But my favorite part was her definition of packing panic that sets in during the last days before having to move – the moment when you realize that you are nowhere near finished and you have no idea how you’ll ever be ready in time and why did you ever decide to move in the first place?

One minute you’re carefully wrapping your candles in tissue paper before setting them down in the shoebox you’ve carefully marked (with a brand new Sharpie and a newly discovered talent in calligraphy) as the candle shoebox. And the next, you’re sweating and throwing your vibrator in with your shoes and Tupperware, and you’re hunched over and limping for some reason, and marking all of the boxes “miscellaneous” and then “misc.” and finally just telling yourself you don’t need to mark the boxes; that you’ll definitely remember that, obviously, the sort of smallish, but not the smallest, maybe third smallest box is the Nair and baking supplies box.

The “Nair and baking supplies box” continues to kill me. Also, I am never moving ever, if only to avoid having to pack.