Feelin’ Good

Nina Simone – her musical legacy speaks for itself frankly. I heard Jennifer Hudson singing her own cover of Feelin’ Good last night on the TV. She was pretty darn great – but Miss Simone’s version sends chills down my spine.

And, as if her music alone wasn’t enough, there’s this:

Simone had a reputation in the music industry for her volatility. In 1995, she shot and wounded her neighbor’s son with a pneumatic pistol after his laughter disturbed her concentration. She also fired a gun at a record company executive whom she accused of stealing royalties.

OK, OK – this was likely the result of her diagnosed bipolar disorder and what sounds like a rather… um… challenging personality. But seriously – all she wanted was some peace and fuckin’ quiet and the money she was owed. I think we can all identify with that – and if someone occasionally gets shot, well, some times shit gets a little real.

And as wonderful as Feelin’ Good is, check out Who Knows Where the Time Goes? N.B.: Do NOT under any circumstances listen to this if you have recently been dumped or suffered the death of a family member, dear friend or beloved companion animal. You will bawl your eyes out. And by “recently,” I mean “ever.”