Les bon mots de Michael Kors

I don’t know whether he paid off the writers or what, but Queen Tangerine (as Miss Kors is always referred to on Gawker) was on fire on tonight’s episode of Project Runway… To wit:

The dress is like a Xanax.

She looks like Miss Guatemala.

The only other accessory she needs is a wand.

Both dresses are so nursey on top…

Also, stupid awful Gretchen talked about her “point of views.” Ugh. The attorney-generals in all 50 states should indict her for offenses against the English language. And no passer-bys should be subject to her ill-formed plurals…

Plus! Mondo dressed himself as an extra from Newsies if it had been cast on Mars. So in love with him…

Do NOT Piss Off Tim Gunn

Kindly fashion mentor, deservedly-respectable old queen and Tide spokesman Tim Gunn lost his shit last night – and not without reason. Instead of his usual “Make it work” and “I’m worried about this neckline,” he brought the hammer down hard on last night’s losing team – especially on the putative and horrible (and obv self-annointed) leader of said team.

When I saw the Project Runway recap on Gawker, my favorite comment was this:

(The) collection made me think of Sears trying to do “luxury” clothing.

Best. Scare-quotes. Ever.

Oh, and fair warning: if you haven’t watched this week’s episode, this clip is a total spoiler…

Selma Blair Tells It Like It Is

I confess, I barely know who Selma Blair is…  I get all those youngish brunette ingenues mixed up.  But I have to give her props for  her spot-on observations during her stint as a judge on the season premiere of Project Runway:

It looks kind of small town hick outfit night at the bar.

You’d find that in a weird kind of store in the mall with a name like Dazzles… where they sell, like, wigs and dresses.

I loved how fascinating it was, and I also loathed it.

Speaking of Project Runway, if you look up “douche bag” in the dictionary, you’ll find Jason’s picture. Will someone please just smack that stupid bowler right off his head?

And I kinda have a crush on lonely little nerdy Mondo…  Call me, Mondo! I’ll be your friend…

One last thing: I think there ought to be a rule that if contestants can’t pronounce Marie-Claire correctly, they should be disqualified. If Miss Klum can do it, so can they…