Out, Loud and Proud

You know, I was thinking I’d skip this year’s Gay Pride festivities.  There’s a certain feeling of “been there, done that” – and I certainly have. Plus, this would be my first time attending as a single dude in nearly ten years – a rather stark reminder of how different my life  is today than I thought it would be a year ago…

But I read this post on Joe. My. God. Apparently, he re-posts it every year.  And it reminded me that I’m lucky to live in San Francisco and that I get to be an openly gay man without worrying about being fired from my job, evicted from my apartment or thrown in the clink because of my sexual orientation.

It’s not always been easy to be gay (you’d think I’d be used to being called “faggot” by random assholes on the street, seeing as I’ve been hearing it for well over thirty years now), but I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything.  And the last Sunday in June is our day – to celebrate, to remember, to look ahead, to pay homage to those who paved the way for the rest of us, to honor ourselves and our brothers and sisters, to drink too much, to get sunburned, to flirt, to laugh, to hang out with friends who are also our family, to revel in our similarities and our differences.  And to have a fucking party…  See y’all there!

Watching The Defectives

“I Don’t Mean Frisco”

OK, I suppose my love of this clip makes me both a cliché and a stereotype…  But hearing Miss Garland sing “San Francisco” gave me chills…  What a voice coming out of that little slip of a thing – plus she’s presumably out of her gourd on booze and pills…  Pretty amazing…