So spooky!

Yes, I realize I haven’t posted in ages. I was in NYC and just too busy and having too much fun to stay parked in front of my computer. And since I’ve returned, the combination of jet lag, a work-sponsored karaoke outing and previously scheduled massage, I just haven’t had the time. But I plan to post a recap of my NYC adventures soon.

In the meantime, my Swiftkey predictive keyboard (a.k.a. Skynet) continues to learn at a breakneck pace – and it has also developed either prescience or consciousness (maybe both?). As is my wont, I was listening to Rihanna at my desk this morning and doing the robot – and my friend Ralph likes to be kept apprised of my dance moves, so I started to text him. AND SWIFTKEY KNEW THAT I WAS LISTENING TO RIHANNA! This is even more amazing when you consider I was listening with headphones. Even the people sitting on either side of me couldn’t have known what I was listening to! What a world…

Yeah, I totally don’t get this one.

Saw Hedda Lettuce perform on Saturday night – she was hilarious as always. Was advising a friend via text that I loved the show and that “she’s a riot” – but SwiftKey’s predictive text had a different idea. Not sure, but I think that’s about as opposite from “drag queen” as one can get…

The magic continues…

SwiftKey’s predictive text entry seems to know me a little too well, judging from the words it’s assuming I’m trying to enter. Of course, now I can’t remember what word I was actually texting – probably because I’m drunk.

AutoCorrect or SkyNet?

So, yeah – I’m texting my friend Marco, just the usual back and forth. And I recently started using SwiftKey on my phone – I’d heard it had really excellent predictive typing, much better than the stock Android keyboard

But this is not predictive typing – this is freak-me-out-Jesus-Christ-it’s-reading-my-mind. I shit you not – as soon as I typed the comma in the message below, SwiftKey completely 100% accurately supplied the next word in my response.