Mighty Real

The thing about nostalgia is that we forget about all the bad things that were going on in the good ol’ days. The ’70s and ’80s, for all their delights, also included the onset of AIDS, Reagan setting the table for the economic destruction this country is still trying to recover from and a decided lack of Netflix streaming.

But, man oh man – the music. I mean, Sylvester. SYLVESTER! Just so great – as much so today as then. Though a sad reminder of the entire generation of gay men who died – many of them just as talented and extraordinary as Sylvester.

Typically, I’m not a fan of remaking songs that were already perfect. But if anyone is going to do a Sylvester song, Jimmy Somerville is the only logical choice. I’d forgotten not only how much I love his singing but also how freakin’ adorable he is, shakin’ his little booty.

Strike a Pose

Kobi Levi presents: The Blond Ambition Shoe. I am in awe – and wondering if they come in a size 13…

Also, Miao. Redefining “kitten heels.” Purrr-fection. Me-ow!

Be sure to check out all of his designs.

Kobi Levi via The Hairpin