Spy Love You

Just read a paean to Spy magazine at Splitsider – and I couldn’t agree more.

I remember well discovering Spy in 1987. The first issue I read had a fantastic write-up on “Yuppie porn” – the objectification of objects. It was hilarious and spot-on – and I suppose especially relevant to me as a shop clerk toiling at Bullock’s in Westwood, where I was quite adept at selling yuppie porn standard-bearers-of-the-time like Calphalon cookware and a teakettle that was lovely to look at but horribly inconvenient to use (I never ceased to be amazed that people would willingly and regularly pay $120 in 1980s dollars for such a thing!)

To this day, I still recall some of the truly excellent/cruel/accurate descriptions they appended to the names of various public figures: hookerish-looking Beverly Hills wife Candy Spelling; actress-singer-dancer-tigress-survivor Joey Heatherton; short-fingered vulgarian Donald Trump; Queens-born casino operator Donald Trump; evil, unconvicted perjurer Roy Cohn; elderly gossip stenographer Liz Smith.

And here’s a cartoon that is as fresh and funny today as it was 20 years ago.

Spy is now available in a digitized version on Google Books. Read ’em and weep.