Belko Royce

Belko Royce

I swore I wasn’t going to watch The Killing (a.k.a. Red Herring Weekly) for its second season. With each episode of season 1, I’d become more and more irritated – with the characters and their farfetched motives, with the story and its nonsensical progression, with the false leads and clumsy plot twists. It was just annoying…

But during my visit last week to death’s door, I spent a lot of time on the sofa watching TV and Law & Order marathons were only running half the time (why there isn’t a L&O channel at this point in time, I couldn’t tell you. But I digress…) and AMC was re-running the shit out of the premiere episode of The Killing season 2. So, I watched. Frankly, it was unwise. The show remains as annoying as ever and the plot twists and turns have become even more impenetrable and difficult to follow (even more so for viewers with a high fever, apparently). Yet I find myself drawn back into the plot – and will likely be reluctantly and eye-rollingly watching season 2.

But one thing I did still like about the show? Belko Royce, Stan’s colleague and close friend to the the Larsen family, who is endearingly creepy and/or creepily endearing – but more importantly, he is a sexy little bear and I just wanted to hug him. Too bad he (SPOILER ALERT) gets his head blown off in episode 2.

I was curious about the actor who plays Belko, Brendan Sexton III – and it turns out he made his acting debut in Welcome to the Dollhouse as Brandon McCarthy, Dawn Wiener’s charming “rapist”. Well!

Anyway, this was really all just an excuse to post this picture of Mr. Sexton that I stumbled across during my research. Humuhnah humuhnah humuhnah…

Brendan Sexton III - photo by Adam Fedderly

A Knitted Skeleton


I’m tempted to just end the post there, because really how can you top a fucking knitted skeleton? Really you can’t. But I’m happy to report that knitting/performance artist Ben Cuevas is actually rather sexy – and one of his other projects is called Jock Strap and consists of him sitting nude in a locker room while knitting a jock strap for himself. He is “commenting on the notion of woman’s work vs man’s work and appropriate activities within gender bondaries” – which is indeed a compelling and fascinating subject. But he is also naked!

Ben Cuevas via The Hairpin

Oh no she di’n’t…

Posh and Becks don’t spend a lot of time on my radar – though he is quite the looker, especially sans chemise. But here they are at the royal wedding. He looks handsome as ever. But goddamn! Victoria Beckham is fierce. That hot mess is six months pregnant, looking gorgeous and sashaying on into Westminster Abbey in her six-inch Louboutin pumps. The dress? Perfection. The hat? Sublime. The shoes? THE SHOES! I am literally swooning with delight…

And as long as we’re discussing the wedding and hot messes and their hats, Princess Beatrice wins by a mile. Seriously. Love this so much.

UPDATE!! More hat pix, now with Photoshop!

from Princess Beatrice and Her Hat