To Enter This Voting Booth, You Must Be at Least This Informed

Yes. Yes I do. But my conclusion is based on the evidence.

Reading in the NYTimes on Sunday about Herman Cain’s inexplicable and apparently sustained appeal.

“The way he words things, he doesn’t make it real complicated,” said a woman who declined to give her name.

I’m guessing “declined to give her name” should actually be “was unsure of her name or how to find her way home.”

Honestly, I don’t understand people like this. “Well, I’m not really bright enough or sufficiently well-informed to draw any conclusions about the stated policies of a given candidate, so I’ll vote for the person who comes up with the most simplistic proposals; proposals that will result in further economic hardship for me, while requiring the wealthy to contribute even less than the relative pittance they do today.”

And I’ll wager she’s the type who thinks “simple” and “simplistic” are synonyms.


I am writing to the Nobel Committee to recommend the institution of the Nobel Prize in Halloween Costumes so it can be presented to this fellow. He is clearly a genius… and this costume is flawless.

from The Daily What.

“He’s my friend!”

As my mom likes to say, “Laziness, will I ever offend thee?” Yes, I realize I’ve mostly been posting videos, the lazy blogger’s response to not having anything of interest to write about. But this clip from YouTube is pretty darn excellent…

and thanks, Emily!

“My darling Krystle…”

Years ago, Spy magazine ran an article discussing the “irony epidemic,” including examples of fake irony vs. irony – which they labeled as “camp lite” vs “true camp.” And to this day, I still remember this, the very best one of all as it perfectly sums up the difference between the two:

Camp lite – Giving someone a copy of Jackie Collins’s Hollywood Wives as a joke gift.

True camp – Buying a gown from The Dynasty Collection and wearing Forever Krystle toilet water.

Though really this is just an excuse to post this amazing ad (Thanks, Jean!).

Good News, Bad News

The good news? A Japanese curry place has opened up right down the block from my apartment. Yum! The bad news? A Japanese curry place has opened up right down the block from apartment. And deep fried pork in curry sauce is unlikely to have a desirable affect on my slimming regimen.

But be that as it may, Kare-Ken is delicious. Went for the first time on Friday evening and got a to-go order of pork katsu served on rice with a sweet and spicy curry sauce and a side of tangy cabbage slaw. It was hearty and delicious and only $8.50. I will be back – probably with some frequency. And I guess I’ll have to increase the frequency of my gym visits so I don’t wind up skinny-fatter than I am today.

Zombie Boy

I’ve been fascinated by “Zombie Boy” Rick Genest ever since I first saw a photograph of him. I think his tattoos are quite amazing and find the way he looks to be striking and beautiful.

Of course, as I’m sure many people do when they see him, I’ve always wondered what he looked like before he transformed his body into his canvas. And here is a video that shows exactly that, thanks to the wonders of DermaBlend. Really fascinating…

Suddenly, I’m craving yogurt…

Yeo Valley, a dairy in the UK, wanted to make sure their latest commercial really stood out when broadcast during shriekfest The X Factor. So they went with this finely executed rendition of their new boyband, The Churned. Well done, farmers, well done…

Where the Cranky Things Are

Maurice Sendak, the beloved children’s book author and illustrator, gives an interview to The Guardian. And I have to say, I kind of love him after reading it…  To wit, his observations on others:

Of Salman Rushdie, who once gave him a terrible review in the New York Times, he says: “That flaccid fuckhead. He was detestable. I called up the Ayatollah, nobody knows that.”

Roald Dahl: “The cruelty in his books is off-putting. Scary guy. I know he’s very popular but what’s nice about this guy? He’s dead, that’s what’s nice about him.”

Stephen King: “Bullshit.”

Gwyneth Paltrow: “I can’t stand her.”

I think if you look up “cantankerous” in the dictionary, Mr. Sendak’s picture is there. Also, it feels a bit like looking into the future. I suspect I’ll be (or perhaps already am?) the non-famous Tenderloin version of this particular strain of old coot-dom.

from The Guardian via Dlisted

This is excellent news!

The Arrested Developmentis movie is very likely happening – and it’s coming back to the TV too, for a 9- or 10-episode stint! And read some other cool stuff at The New Yorker: “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About “Arrested Development”

This is also the perfect moment to share some  amazing gifs of Lucille Bluth…